“Off stage Gosia is one of the sharpest improv minds in the world, always studying but never replicating, she takes what she has learned, combines it with her already vast knowledge and applies it in new ways to her craft. Which, of course, feeds into her on stage work. On stage, Gosia is fearless, bold, hilarious, compassionate and works with a clarity that inspires trust in all around her. If you are an improviser of any level, Gosia has so much to offer seek her out and discover the joy she brings.”

Jason Geary, Australia

“Gosia is so well respected as a teacher and performer and is just the best. I always have fun playing with her and she’s such a giving performer. She brings such joy and warmth and you can’t help but to smile when you’re around her!”

Jay Sukow, USA

“I met Gosia about 3 years ago (2017) but it immediately felt like I’ve known her for a lifetime. As we met at the festival in Athens I was not only blown away by her talent and mind, but by the talent and hearts and minds of the people that she had taught and directed in Gdansk for years before I’d even known about her. There was, and still is, something very special about the talent that she has in her possession as an improviser, teacher and director. I love that we are friends and colleagues and I can’t wait to walk on stage with you or share a beer and a hug with you, for every single time we have more of those in our future.”

Joe Bill, USA

“In the 4 years that I’ve known Gosia, I’ve played and performed with her, studied from her, and taught alongside her countless times. Gosia expresses herself vibrantly in her words, face, and movements on stage. She is direct and uncompromising as a teacher and a leader. And she has an instinctual comic timing that is a pleasure to watch and exciting to play against.”

Noah Levin, USA/Spain

“The fact that Gosia is talented and not afraid to put in the hard work is what makes her so good. I never met anyone so eager to keep learning and improving her allready generous skills. She is super professional and creates save environments in which people can fully develop their skills and knowledge.”

Jochem Meijer, Netherlands

“Gosia’s workshop on characters and the narrative process was illuminating, profound, and yet at the same time easy to understand and to achieve strong results. I’ve been doing improvised story narrative work for over 15 years and Gosia’s workshop showed me something new and wonderful. Gosia as a teacher has clarity, openness, and positiveness for improvisers at any level of experience.”

Jonathan Pitts, USA

“Gosia has the true heart of an improviser. She mixes her love of play and the passion to improve the art. Her approach to improv is both admirable and inspiring. A leader in the making.”

Lee White, Canada/Germany

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gosia in both a corporate and arts setting. I have found her to be creative, considerate and always looking for ways to help each project improve and thrive in new ways!”

Órla Mc Govern, Ireland

“I did a show with Gosia in Germany. We were the only people who didn’t speak German, and the show was mainly in German. I’m pleased that it was her that I was with in this situation, because she’s an incredible improviser and a lovely person.”

Phil Lunn, United Kingdon

“Gosia has two qualities I like and expect from a fellow improviser: curiousness and theoretical thirst.”

Feña Ortalli, Argentina/Spain

“Gosia changed so many lifes! She started a whole improv wave in Poland that cannot be stopped anymore. She is such a bright light on the stage and really influential aside the stage as well! Everybody loves to have her at their festivals and that is deserved.”

Manuel Speck, Germany