Kreatura is a podcast about improvisation, comedy and art. On stage and in life. Stories from different cultures, and guests from all over the world.

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012: Lost in translation

Listen to "Lost in translation" on Spreaker.

Improvising in foreign languages is a challenge. Let’s tame this beast. What to do when we don’t understand what’s happening? How to turn linguistic problems to our advantage? How not to lose flow when we lose words? How to create a safety net in case of absolute confusion? We will also take a look at some multilinguistic shows.

011: Goodbye 2020

Listen to "Goodbye 2020" on Spreaker.

How the world of improv adapted to the new reality, what we lost, what we gained and how the only international improv festival in a pandemic looked like – I mean the Hunger Games.

010: Improv rules – why tho?

Listen to "Improv rules - why tho?" on Spreaker.

I picked 9 improv rules and deconstructed them brutally for you. I added a “but” to each of them, so we don’t take them too literally. Let me know what would you pick!

009: Joe Bill – bad shows, therapy and improv before the Internet

Listen to "Joe Bill - bad shows, therapy and improv before the Internet" on Spreaker.

How did improv community look like before the Internet? When did international festivals start? Why should every improviser go to therapy? How to deal with a bad show? What is REALLY improv like in Chicago these days? This and more you can find in this episode recorded with Joe Bill during IMPRO Amsterdam 2020, right before it all went down.

008: Stage makeup and styling

Listen to "Stage makeup and styling" on Spreaker.

There is no film and theatre without makeup, yet we underestimate this power of expression in improvised theatre. The whole styling is a massive tool that can take both actors and the audience on a journey to different worlds. How can we use it to serve our artistic purpose, and to make our stage persona shine?

007: Couch Traveler

Listen to "Kreatura (ENG)" on Spreaker.

If you’re tired of the situation around us, of the stress and checking the news ten times a day, find a moment to chill and let me invite you on a little journey to my carefree memories from travels to different parts of the world. Do people in Seattle really wanna know how are you? What is the Moon doing upside down? Why the word “molo” makes Finns giggle, ad what behaviours make “one Italian grandma die”?

006: Stacey Smith – improv, music and well-being

Listen to "Stacey Smith - improv, music and well-being" on Spreaker.

Stacey Smith, American improviser, currently living in Amsterdam, shares her thoughts on differences between American and European improvisers, on how teaching in different countries can make you a better person, why the music is the universal language, and that you don’t have to be singer to play improv musical, how is it to perform improv solo, how to set boundries as a full-time improviser and take care of your mental health, and many more.

005: Take improv home

Listen to "Take improv home" on Spreaker.

Stay home and do some improv! I give you 21 games for times of quarantine. At first this episode was supposed to be a homework for my students, but then I thought, we could all use some creative fun these days. You will find here 7 games for beginners, to play with your family (5:55), 7 games for solo players (17:50), and last 7 games, a bit more advanced, but still fun for everyone, for two players (24:10). Enjoy, let me know how did it go, and what games do YOU play at home!

004: Fun in the time of pandemic

Listen to "Fun in the time of pandemic" on Spreaker.

Tell people to stay at home, and you’ll make them want to go to the gym. Lock in a quarantine a freelancer and a corporate worker and see who goes crazy first. Where to find a little bit of fun, when the whole world tells you to #stayhome? Culture, entertainment, sport, travels – all of that you may find in your living room if know where to look. Comedy shows, concerts, workouts – all live, and from different countries. Never before has the world came to your house this much, while YOU couldn’t leave it.

003: What is improv anyway

Listen to "What is improv anyway" on Spreaker.

What is improv and how is it different than stand-up and sketch comedy – and what are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these forms of comedy. What can you expect at the audience of improvised show, as a participant in individual workshops, as well as improvisation for business.

002: Ok, Elder Millennial

Listen to "Ok, Elder Millennial" on Spreaker.

Elder Millennials are so nostalgic for the 90s, and is there really something to miss? The story of the time, when the alarm clock was a physical object, and when you had to check in a notebook, instead of Facebook, if your crush is dating someone. The story of the generation of transformation from post-communist Poland to the world of the Internet. And what are your memories of the 90s?

001: First Date

Listen to "First Date" on Spreaker.

Imagine we went on a first date, and this is what I told you. Now it’s your turn! Tell me who you are, and what would you like to hear from me at!

000: Introduction

Listen to "Introduction" on Spreaker.

Welcome to Kreatura – a podcast about improvisation, comedy and art – on stage, and in everyday life. A short introduction to what you can expect from first episodes.