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Improviser, trainer, director, photographer and cultural expert. Records the Kreatura Podcast and writes a blog about improvisation.

Joe Bill – bad shows, therapy and improv before the Internet

How did improv community look like before the Internet? When did international festivals start? Why should every improviser go to therapy? How to deal with a bad show? What is REALLY improv like in Chicago these days? This and more you can find in this Kreatura Podcast episode recorded with [...]

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Stacey Smith – improv, music and well-being

Listen to “Stacey Smith – improv, music and well-being” on Spreaker. Click, if you want to listen on: Spotify, Apple PodcastsTranscription contains most of the conversation, but if you want it all, I’m inviting you to listen to the podcast. Gosia: Stacey Smith, I’m so happy that you accepted my invitation, [...]

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“Men’s search for meaning”

„I mentioned art before. Can art even exist in a concentration camp? It depends of course on what we call art. From time to time improvised cabaret performances took place in the camp. At that time, one of the barracks was emptied, wooden benches were slid together - or nailed down [...]

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How to build a local improv community, based on a Polish festival

We just finished the fifth edition of a local Gdańsk Improvisers’ festival Podaj Padaj. Thanks to Inkubator Kultury Kulmiasto, Weronika Uziak and Wojtek Tremiszewski for the organization. I will tell you about our local community – and it doesn’t matter, that it’s Polish Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot), because maybe you’ll find [...]

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