You’re a Single improviser. Just broke up after long relationship. It hurts when your ex starts new project before you. You feel free, but you don’t know what to do. You meet exciting new people and start some affairs, projects, maybe one night stand, maybe something more. You are very excited, following the adventures. You’re blooming, you’re on fire, creative, sexy, intelligent. Sometimes your experiments are disappointing, but you can forget about them quickly. If you want, you can have different affair in every city, like a sailor.

But it can be exhausting. You travel, you bring all the experience back, and suddenly you feel, that you have no one to share it with. Of course, you have your kids, your students, that you are taking care of, and they are always waiting for you to come home, and teach what you’ve learned. But you have your kids in your school. And you get back to your empty house, and you feel lonely.

And you start to miss someone to hug you at home, and ask how are you doing during your travels. But who could that be? Who’s exciting? Who’s a challange? You know, you’re not gonna fall for someone boring and avarage. You’re scared. You think you’re doomed. You accept being lonely, you’re fine with yourself.

And then, one day you find that Someone. Someone intelligent. Funny. Strange. You have a crush, but you can’t admit it, because you are scared of being rejected. But you spend more, and more time with him/her/them. First dates, rehersals, jams together. First talks about life, dreams, fears. First moment, when you are vulnerable. And then you can’t help it, you fall in love. You discover your unique universes. You are talking about destiny, and what you believe in, you have a similar goals in your art. You plan your near future, your own formats, which people will know, as yours.

You become serious, you bring up a name of your group. You make it official on facebook, take a photo together and put on fanpage. Now you are together. You have your warm home. You have someone to cry in the shoulder, to share your mind and soul. To experience everything together. You want to buid your theatre together, you dream of performing together as grandpas and grannys.

After another travel you get back with a new ideas, and the rest doesn’t really like them. But they try to work on them. Next time they have an idea, that you don’t feel at all. You’re not having that much fun at shows, as you used to. They’re leaving early, they don’t want to talk all night again. You feel that something is wrong, but you don’t want to think about it. You found the one, right? What is your problem? Next day your partners are cancelling the rehearsal, because they have something more important. You want to continue the adventure and the thrill, but suddenly, you are alone in it, while still being in a group relationship. For few months you try to save it, but everyone can feel on stage, that something is gone. Later someone say „I want to quit, I don’t feel it anymore”. It doesn’t matter if it’s you, or someone else. The result is the same.

You’re a Single improviser. Just broke up after long relationship. Still looking for true love.


PS Title by Xristos-Apostolos Bou-Rou Simpson
PS2 Lots of love for Allnighters.

/fot. Wojtek Rojek