As you may know, I’m lucky to be in Ohana, the international “Family” of improvisers. During our meetings and workshops I always have with me my Improv Notebook, in which I gather questions and answers about many improv topics. During our week in Slovenia, in september, we were talking about thing like, how to deal with the bad show, about the strangest and most horrible shows, about most common styles of improv in our countries, and much more.

We were also talking about improv rules. There are many, but if you had to choose just one, the most important for you, what would that be? I chose to write about this topic first, because I believe, and I always say, that there is no One And The Only Truth, and One True Improv. If you want to create, and not just re-create, you must search for your own way, and your own sensitivity. And only you decide, what’s most important to you. Of course, all of the below are great improvisers, learning all the time, and developing all of the skills. Take a look, in how many ways you can see basicly the same things.

If you had to choose just one improv rule, that is most important to you, what would that be?

Emppu (Finland): Never be embarrassed.

Jochem (Holland): Pay attention and listen.

Simone (Switzerland): Connect and trully be with your partner.

Rachel (Estonia): 1. Active listening, 2. Active participation, 3. Letting go of your thoughts, OR, just Being there.

Victoria (Sweden): Commit – Care – Dare.

Flavien (France): Connection – Reaction – Emotion.

Asia (Poland): Observe, react and commit.

Peter (Slovenia): “Hey, what’s goin’ on here?”

Ziga (Slovenia): Put some honesty in it, to spice it up.

Vid (Slovenia): Stay curious and always learn.

Ben: If you want to lead, learn to influance, if you want to follow, learn to listen.

Kasia (Poland): Breathe.

Sara (Slovenia): Be present.

Laura (Holland): Move, and be moved.

Timothy (France): 1. Begin the sentence, without knowing, how to finish it. 2. Don’t do shitty stuff, but when you do, do it a lot.

Anne (Holland): Let the other person shine.

Alan (Poland): I like banana… Be present.

Sven (Switzerland): Being present with the others and myself.

Ollie (Italy): Taking care of each other, ad pushing each other at the same time.

Dona (Romania): Like the people you’re playing with.

Noah (USA/Spain): Listen and react.

Julia (Germany): So many times in life we are not really present, so in improv try and encourage that. Without always being succesful, of course.

Gosia (Poland): Listen with curiousity.


And what’s most important to YOU?