When I asked Menelaos if he’d like to write something for me, he knew right away, what would that be about. Community. How surpiresed I was, when I got the  complete text not after a month, but the next day. But then I thought – why was I even surprised? When [...]

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Around the World: “WHY I QUIT PERFORMING” by Davide Arcuri

A few months ago I had a long conversation with Davide, about how different we can experience improv, when we are on stage, and when we are in a workshop room. The discussion was very intriguing, and Davide told me a story, why he quit performing improv. I asked him to [...]

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Improv practice # 4 – what do you have to say?

“Think, who should you be to have the right to speak to the people from stage?” – I’ve read in a magazine, lying on the beach, during my non-improv-vacations. I sighed heavily, because what kind of vacation is this, when the idea came to my blanket and I now is sending me kisses. [...]

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Around The World: “THE SANDWICH THEORY” by Jacob Banigan

I always say, don’t stay in your backyard, open to the world. But I know it may not be easy. That’s why I’m bringing a little world to your backyard. From today and now on, here on my blog, I’ll be publishing guest articles written by great improvisers and teachers from all [...]

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What I’ve learned about Polish improv, by going abroad.

It’s been a year since I joined Ohana, an international group of improvisers from all over Europe. We meet three times a year, to work together, to develop, and to build a network  across the Old Continent. In the meantime, I had the pleasure to participate in two international festivals, to [...]

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Most important rule of improv. Ohana.

As you may know, I’m lucky to be in Ohana, the international “Family” of improvisers. During our meetings and workshops I always have with me my Improv Notebook, in which I gather questions and answers about many improv topics. During our week in Slovenia, in september, we were talking about thing [...]

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