Ohana means (improv) family.

I came back from the best improv week of my life. A few days after returning from Slovenia, I’m still thinking about it, and celebrating this fire in my heart. People ask me – what exactly is Ohana? And I think, and see images and feelings, trying to answer in one sentence. [...]

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9 types of people coming to improv workshops.

Soon it will be october again. New academic year. Even when you don't study anymore, autumn has someting... settling in it. Holidays are over, sun is gone (well, in Poland). And we make new resolutions. Like a pre-New-Years-Resolutions. I'll sign up to a gym. I'll sign up to improv workshops. I [...]

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What the audience wants, and should you give it to the.

– Orgasm! Shouts a drunk guy in the audience during comedy festival in Szczecin. – Ok, something else? – asks the host. – ORGASM! – Or maybe… – O R G A S M ! And now the question. Should you give it to the invasive audience member. At least there [...]

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5 scenes that every improviser has played.

Every year, when I start the workshop season after summer and see new people at te workshops, I can’t help to see the patterns, that we have in our brains. Especially, when it comes to using your body, even in this basic game of Freeze. Of course, when you are just [...]

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