Tym razem to nie moje dzieło – tekst napisał Konrad Pitala, z którym miałam przyjemność przy wielu projektach fotograficznych na ASP, a potem zawędrował na moje warsztaty. Konrada obecnie pracuje w branży kreatywnej i reklamowej, a możecie go poznać TUTAJ.



Have you ever forgotten about something of highest importance, like a business meeting, event or occasion? Have you ever faced the audience expecting you to tell something brilliant, but only you knew that you had just 5 minutes to prepare? Well, I can tell you – no matter what your profession is, sooner or later you will find yourself in such a funny (hopefully) case. Are you prepared?
Few years ago, I have been attending improvisational, theatrical workshops led by talented improv trainer Małgorzata Różalska. That was a thing! You are on stage. Audience give you a role which you are going to play for them. You have to be flexible. Smart. Charming. Suddenly another person enters the stage, with completely different role. What happens next?

The plot.

When you are alone, you can do a stand-up comedy or monologue. With both of you on the stage, a real story goes on. It’s unpredictable. The plot driven by audience’s suggestions, your improvised interpretation and all the things between can dramatically exceed your creative mindset! Yeah, it works!
This is fun. This is challenging. It’s all about breaking your own limitations.Looking what hides outside the box you are safely living in. Exploring new levels of your imagination. You have to be self-confident to impress the audience. You should carefully drive their attention. Build tension. Entertain.

And then a business thing happens.

Imagine what your regular meeting or presentation would be, if you possess all the above skills. You’d better prepare your audience for mind-blowingexperience. Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten seat belts! What to do next?
Well, if I were you, I would search for the nearest improvisational group, workshops or show. Then go, try & tell me how it has changed your attitude!

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